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Specialist obstetricians by your side each step of the way.


Kindred is home to two specialist obstetricians who provide care before, during and after birth. Kindred’s obstetricians practice similarly to traditional obstetric practice with the added advantage of midwifery support.

The doctors at Kindred are here to support each family during their journey. We are particularly experienced in caring for women with complex pregnancies, those who have had complications in previous pregnancies, or who have medical conditions.

Obstetric care allows you to have a specialist obstetrician caring for you throughout pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.  During this time, you can also have input from Kindred midwives for education, consultations, visits in hospital, and in-home visits after birth.

Continuity of care with your obstetrician is a priority at Kindred. Occasionally your obstetrician may not be available in which case another Kindred obstetrician will always be on hand, and it is possible and encouraged to meet both of the obstetricians at Kindred prior to the birth. Kindred obstetricians all work collaboratively, and in all circumstances will be familiar with your situation and preferences.

As part of the Kindred family, you will have access to the following services:

  • 24-hour on-call access to an obstetrician
  • regular routine check-ups: monthly until 28 weeks, fortnightly from 28 – 36 weeks, then weekly
  • education
  • care from your obstetrician throughout labour and birth
  • daily visits while in hospital after the birth
  • comprehensive home postnatal visits
  • ongoing support into parenthood with feeding clinics, self-service baby weigh facilities and parents’ groups.

Kindred obstetric patients have a routine appointment with a Kindred midwife during the pregnancy and will also be seen by the midwife during their postnatal admission for education and to plan home postnatal visits.

Midwifery care during birth is provided by the staff of the Mater Mother’s Hospital.

All care during pregnancy and the postnatal period attracts a Medicare rebate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For the first time, private midwifery and obstetrics have been brought together to allow complete continuity with a team who support you in your preferences and unique journey.

In other models, accessing midwifery care means that if you need input from an obstetrician, it may be someone you have never met before and doesn’t understand your story, journey and preferences.

Similarly, in other practices, obstetric patients may not meet a midwife until the day of labour, and or have input from a number of different midwives, which can be difficult. If you chose to have care with one of the doctors at Kindred for your pregnancy journey, Kindred midwives will see you during your pregnancy for education and support, then for six weeks of in-home midwifery visits.

Kindred has been established as a ‘best of both worlds’ approach, to allow families care that is specifically important to them.

Kindred’s unique practice model means you can choose to have complete care with midwives and obstetricians who recognise that not all families need or want the same thing. Therefore we have designed Kindred with an understanding that care is better delivered in collaboration, rather than isolation. For the first time, Kindred has brought private midwifery and obstetric care together to allow access to and continuity from known care providers throughout your entire journey.

Continuity in care providers has been identified as the most influential factor in both optimal clinical outcomes and positive experiences in maternity care.

Continuity  means unbroken and consistent care from a known person/s. It promotes autonomy, self-efficacy, and increased satisfaction through enabling informed decision making.

Working collaboratively in maternity care is paramount. Midwives and obstetricians have skills and knowledge which compliment each other, and when used with like-mindedness to support women and families in their unique journey, optimal outcomes are achieved, both in terms of clinical outcomes and positive experiences.

Kindred is the only practice where continuity and collaboration between midwives and obstetricians is at the core of practice philosophy and is provided throughout the entire journey – from early pregnancy, throughout labour and birth, and for six weeks after birth.

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