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Kindred pricing packages for midwifery, obstetrics & gynaecology.

Our Pricing

Routine antenatal consultation:
$60 per appointment ($24.25 rebate)

Long antenatal consultation:
$80 per appointment ($40.05 rebate) 

Appointments with the obstetrician, including bedside ultrasounds:
$150 per appointment ($72.75 rebate) and ultrasound bulk billed

Pregnancy management fee:
$1250 once at 20 weeks gestation ($271.15 rebate)

Delivery fees:
No out of pocket costs for midwifery or obstetric services

*rebates are included as estimates and may vary

Initial visit including an ultrasound:
$150 once during the pregnancy ($72.75 rebate) and ultrasound bulk billed

Routine antenatal check-up:
$80 per appointment ($40.10 rebate)

Pregnancy management fee:
$1700 once at 20 weeks gestation ($275.50 rebate)

Delivery fee:
No out of pocket cost for obstetric services

*rebates are included as estimates and may vary

Initial appointment:
$120 once per referral ($64.20 rebate)

Subsequent appointments:
$60 per appointment ($32.25 rebate)

Intra-uterine device insertion:
$100 ($40.20 rebate)

*rebates are included as estimates and may vary

All routine pregnancy and postnatal appointment fees attract a Medicare rebate, reducing the total out-of-pocket cost for families. Standard rebates have been included but may vary.

The Pregnancy Management Fee (PMF) is charged to each patient of the practice at the 24-week appointment. This fee is payment for the 24-hour, 7-day care you are guaranteed from Kindred as one of our families. Inclusive in this fee is also the first midwifery visit, and your first two postnatal in-home visits.

Private health insurance can cover most of your admission to hospital as well as the cost of the birth. However, you should contact your provider to understand the specifics of your cover.

Our ‘trimester talk’ education sessions, hospital tours, walking groups, drop-in baby clinics, and parents’ groups are all provided at no charge.

Additional Expenses

The package of care is designed as a starting point, and can be built upon according to the needs of you and your family.

Additions to the base package include additional appointments with the Kindred midwife or obstetrician, physiotherapy, additional long appointments, education packages, and additional postnatal home visits. Further Kindred Midwifery postnatal home visits are $90 ($66.75 rebate) for each visit and are unlimited.

Kindred families also have access to postnatal feeding and settling clinics and lactation consultant appointments.

Kindred clinicians will order all necessary blood tests and ultrasounds, so it should not be necessary to see other practitioners for pregnancy related concerns in addition to your Kindred appointments. The pathology and ultrasound services will have their own fees for the services that they provide.

Kindred has no control over the fees charged by other medical practitioners involved in the care of our families. Additional fees may be incurred from the hospital, anaesthetist or paediatrician.


The journey

Throughout pregnancy, during admission to hospital and for six weeks after birth, Kindred midwives and obstetricians work collectively to provide complete and incomparable care.
Week 1
6-10 Weeks

Consultation with both clinicians, including an ultrasound and an explanation of upcoming tests.

Week 2
14 Weeks

Long consultation to discuss ultrasound reports.

Week 3
20 Weeks

Routine check-up.

Week 4
24 Weeks

Long consultation to discuss ultrasound reports and explain upcoming blood tests and plan remainder of pregnancy.

Week 5
28 Weeks

Routine check-up.

Week 6
30 Weeks

Routine check-up.

Week 7
32 Weeks

Consultation and ultrasound.

Week 8
34 Weeks

Routine check-up.

Week 9
36 Weeks

Long consultation to discuss birthing preferences, provide education.

Week 10
37 Weeks

Routine check-up

Week 11
39 Weeks

Routine check-up

Week 12
40 Weeks

Long consultation to discuss preferences and options for care beyond your due date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kindred’s unique practice model means you can choose to have complete care with midwives and obstetricians who recognise that not all families need or want the same thing. Therefore we have designed Kindred with an understanding that care is better delivered in collaboration, rather than isolation. For the first time, Kindred has brought private midwifery and obstetric care together to allow access to and continuity from known care providers throughout your entire journey.

Kindred aims to keep fees affordable to allow our services to be accessible to as many families as possible.

There are some out of pocket costs for private care. These will differ for each family, but generally include consultation fees, scans and blood tests, pregnancy management fee and gap payment on admission.

Consultations during pregnancy and after birth attract Medicare rebates, therefore you can claim some of your appointment fee back. Depending on your private health cover, you should have little to no out of pocket cost for hospital admission, but it is important to understand what you are covered for.

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We provide shared care for patients who plan to deliver as a public patient. You can access the same care during pregnancy and after birth with Kindred, and be admitted as a public patient for birth. If this is something that might be appropriate for you, we welcome you to discuss your options with the Kindred team.

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