Frequently Asked Questions

Kindred’s unique practice model means you can choose to have complete care with midwives and obstetricians who recognise that not all families need or want the same thing. Therefore we have designed Kindred with an understanding that care is better delivered in collaboration, rather than isolation. For the first time, Kindred has brought private midwifery and obstetric care together to allow access to and continuity from known care providers throughout your entire journey.

Kindred prides itself on continuity of care and is passionate about delivering care that is family focused.

As an obstetric patient, the doctor you choose to see at Kindred will care for you throughout your pregnancy, birth and will see you daily while in hospital.

As a midwifery patient, a small team of midwives will care for you throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and for six weeks at home.

All Kindred families have the opportunity to meet both the doctors and the midwives who may involved in your care, so no matter your circumstance, you always have a familiar face alongside you.

Kindred aims to keep fees affordable to allow our services to be accessible to as many families as possible.

There are some out of pocket costs for private care. These will differ for each family, but generally include consultation fees, scans and blood tests, pregnancy management fee and gap payment on admission.

Consultations during pregnancy and after birth attract Medicare rebates, therefore you can claim some of your appointment fee back. Depending on your private health cover, you should have little to no out of pocket cost for hospital admission, but it is important to understand what you are covered for.

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A Pregnancy Management Fee (PMF) is a fee charged to each patient of the practice, which gives them access to 24-hour care from the midwives and doctors at Kindred from the beginning of pregnancy through to six weeks after birth, including having someone you know and trust there to help deliver your baby.

We believe in providing care that is value based, rather than cost specific, therefore we also include in your pregnancy management fee; your first visit to see the midwife, and two postnatal home visits.

We provide shared care for patients who plan to deliver as a public patient. You can access the same care during pregnancy and after birth with Kindred, and be admitted as a public patient for birth. If this is something that might be appropriate for you, we welcome you to discuss your options with the Kindred team.

The midwives and obstetricians at Kindred work closely together to deliver the most comprehensive care to all families.

Obstetric care allows you to have a specialist obstetrician caring for you throughout pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.  During this time, you can also have input from Kindred midwives for education, consultations, visits in hospital, and in-home visits after birth.

Midwifery care allows you to have care with a small team of midwives throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period. During this time, you will meet the obstetricians at Kindred and they will remain on-call throughout your labour and birth. This means that if input from an obstetrician is required, that care will be provided by an obstetrician you already know.

All Kindred families have daily visits in hospital and six weeks of in-home midwifery visits after discharge from hospital.

Ideally we like to begin care during the first trimester, to ensure screening and support for a healthy start to pregnancy.

Your first appointment at Kindred would ordinarily be about 8-10 weeks gestation, but if you are already further along we are more than happy to see you at any time.

Yes, we realise not everyone has the opportunity to attend appointments within business hours. We are flexible with appointment times and are able to offer some early morning, evening and weekend appointments.

Yes! We have a free onsite car park at the back of our clinic and free street parking is readily available within 200m along Princess street.

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Kindred Midwifery postnatal in-home visits are available to anyone, regardless of where or with whom you had your baby. Bookings can be made via phone or email.

Kindred’s education modules, classes, resources and community groups are also available to all families, even if you are having your care elsewhere.

Consultations during pregnancy can be provided to anyone at any time, however without a current referral Medicare rebates are not available. If you wish to transfer your care to Kindred from another provider, we are happy to see you at any time throughout your pregnancy and welcome you to contact us to discuss your options.

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All pregnancy care is provided in our community clinic rooms at East Brisbane.

All labour and birth care is provided at Mater Mothers Private Hospital.

We do not provide homebirth care, but are happy to support you in your preferences in hospital, including waterbirth. We do not have admitting rights to any other hospitals.

Postnatal care for mothers and babies is provided in home after discharge from hospital.